Jennifer Guiliano and Simon Appleford will be co-teaching an Introduction to Grantwriting workshop on at this year’s annual Digital Humanities conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. Designed for humanities scholars seeking assistance with their first grant, this workshop introduces participants to best practices in writing and submitting a grant. Participants will be provided with a series of online resources, including presentations, exemplar successful grants, and podcasts to help them complete a first draft of a proposal before they arrive in Lincoln. Those drafts will be circulated to other participants prior to the workshop and will serve as the core basis of our workshop discussions with the anticipation being that each participant will receive clear feedback from other attendees that will aid them in the revision of their proposal. Drafts will be encouraged to emulate the popular National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Start­up Grant competition in order to provide the most flexibility for participants in their digital humanities endeavors.

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