DevDH’s Jennifer Guiliano will be co-teaching “Large Project Planning, Funding, and Management” with the University of Victoria’s Lynne Siemens at this year’s European Summer School in Digital Humanities in Leipzig, Germany. The course will explore the fundamentals of project planning and design including, but not limited to: formulating appropriate disciplinary questions for digital humanities research, investigating digital humanities tools and resources, structuring your first project, critical path scheduling, understanding roles and responsibilities, risk management, documenting your project work, writing your first grant proposal, budget setting and controls, building the project team, and selecting and implementing project management tools and software. Participants will get the most of the course if they arrive with at least some sense of a potential digital humanities project that they would like to develop throughout the course.

The European Summer School in Digital Humanities will begin on July 22, 2013. For further information, please visit: