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DevDH.org: Development for the Digital Humanities

Providing the intellectual and strategic scaffolding to aid DH researchers successfully complete their research endeavors

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Discovering the Digital Humanities

How can you adapt humanities questions for digital research? What are existing digital humanities projects, tools, and resources?Learn More

Designing Your First Project

How to lay strong foundations to ensure your project’s long-term success and strategies for writing effective statements of significance.Learn More

Project Teams and Partners

Strategies for constituting, recruiting, managing, and formalizing relationships with both project staff and internal and external partners.Learn More

Digital Humanities Products

What products might result from a digital humanities project? How can you effectively document and disseminate your results?Learn More

Manage Your Project

Strategies and technologies for building, managing, and maintaining a work plan as your project evolves.Learn More

Thinking About Data

Strategies for wrangling your project data and constructing your first data management plan.Learn More

Publicity Campaigns

Strategies for constructing an effective publicity campaign and building a first website for your project.Learn More

Building Budgets

A step-by-step approach to creating an accurate and appropriate budget for your digital humanities project.Learn More


Strategies for submitting competitive proposals to external funding agencies such as the NEH and NSF.Learn More


How to evaluate your project and its staff, partners, and contributors. What to do when a DH project goes bad.Learn More

What Comes Next?

What happens when the primary work on your DH project has ended? How do you build a successful DH center?Learn More


Example materials and downloadable templates to assist your digital humanities project.Learn More

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